Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This kid is a genius!

You know I'm always looking for an opportunity to brag about my fabulous kids! But tonight even I was stunned...at what an incredible genius my little Carloline is...

Today when I (and Sam and Emma) picked Caroline and Jack up from school, everyone was starving! And since Jud was out of town...I made and executive decision...McDonald's!

So, we're in Mcy D's , we have our food and our huge booth to accommodate our brood and while I'm divvying up the happy meals, suddenly all four kids start yelling, and I mean yelling! (and jumping and pointing!)


I looked up and yes, there was Obama on the TV (When did McDonald's get TV's?) So, I acknowledge, yes, there's Obama. Meanwhile a heard of 70 year olds from the surrounding booths are now staring at us even more than before... trying to listen in...(we are in a McDonald's at 4:45 after all!)

Regardless of the crowd...the kids go on to enjoy their nuggets! And I go on to clean up all of the Carmel that Emma has gotten onto everyone..and every surface in our vicinity!

While Caroline goes on to explain politics to Jack! It was really pretty funny!

I'd do a quote by quote...but when Caroline talks...Jack just listens... so instead, this is what Caroline said...

"We like Obama because he wants to make the changes that we want...but mommy thinks the girl is OK because she'll make some of the changes, but McCain (which got a Haamen response!) is really no good "

FYI -Haamen is a Jewish reference (definately a "bad guy" and upon hearing the name everyone boo's!)

And yes, the 70 year olds did look at us more intensely...a few whispers...and even a few head shakes!

But really, even if you don't agree with my, or I guess, now , our politics, I think you'll find this interesting!

As we settle into our scrumptious dinner, the footage of Obama continues...I notice Caroline watching the TV...watching Obama...and then she says...

"Mommy, Obama really reminds me of that other black man who stood up for people's rights...when nobody else would...a long time ago"

"Do you mean Martin Luther King?" I ask her

and then she says, "Yes! Obama really reminds me of Martin Luther King...maybe that's why I like him so much!"

Need I remind you...she's only seven!

Seriously! I think that she is already smarter than I was in high school!

The little genius went on to read stories tonight...they each get to pick one book... and then decide who gets to read it..by unanimous vote...Caroline over mommy - 100% of the time! Caroline's reading is really unbelievable! And as long as I'm bragging...she is a Math wiz at fractions, a natural pianist, a true problem solver, and the sweetest big sister!

Whew! I guess that's enough bragging for now!

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