Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A visit to the dentist results in tears!

For the past few months Caroline has been very upset because she is the only kid in her class who has not yet lost a tooth...She is in a multi-age room with first and second graders so most of her classmates have lost several...

We finally noticed that she indeed had a few loose teeth too... Oh, the joy! Unfortunately they never got any looser... all the wiggling, the apples, the carrots, they just are not budging...Then one day while I was trying to wiggle them a little more I noticed that the new "grown up teeth" are already poking through behind the "baby teeth"!

So we went to the dentist, he thought the baby teeth would loosen up and come out...that was almost two months ago...so we went back today, with the baby teeth still hanging tight... I was sure he'd pull them, so I tried to prepare Caroline...

So, the dentist took a look (about 45 seconds...)and said, yes they do need to come out...and it looks as though they won't on their own. (Caroline got a huge smile on her face...) then the dentist asked, "when is she out of school?"

I like an idiot said, "like, for the day?"

No stupid girl, for the summer! he told me with just a look.

So the point is...Caroline will have to wait for summer break to loose her first teeth...And that is where the poor little girl burst into tears! She really wanted to go back to school today with two missing teeth!

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