Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Day

To celebrate Earth day, Caroline wanted to go around and look for garbage! So after school we went to the park...She took charge and gave the other kids orders on what to look for! She's quite the little organizer! Watch out Uncle Dave!

Only a few minutes into the hunt...the other three abandoned the mission and decided the sand was way more fun!

Caroline stuck with it until her bag was half full, and then she joined the rest on the playground!

As I look over the pictures from yesterday...I'm stuck on one thing.

looking at these pictures of Jack....check out the hair!

normally his hair looks something like this...notice the dimples!

A while back, Jack decided that he wanted to grow his hair out like tarzan!

Initially I thought, ok, we'll let him go with it for awhile...assuming he'd get sick of it, because, normally he can't stand it when his hair touches his ears! (future banker perhaps?)

But he's really sticking with it! He no longer wants it as long as tarzan because he's worried he might look like a girl! So, I'm not exactly sure what look he's going for (maybe Troy from High School Musical?) and I'm not sure what to do about it.

It's cute because it's starting to curl in the back, like when he was a baby! And my hippiesh side says it's his hair he should decide how he wants it....but most of the time when he's running around he gets so sweaty and then it just looks gross! So my other, banker's wife side, thinks he needs a haircut!

So any advise is I let him decide now..... so he doesn't end up with a green mohawk in a few years! (ha! ha! ha!) or do I pull out the old "well because, I'm the mom and I said so" and insist on a trim?

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Bruce said...

Thanks for the pix and updates on the little ones! I really miss seeing them! Jack's long hair reminds me of Jud - he was a curly guy too! Love Grandpa