Monday, April 7, 2008

Another busy weekend....

With a little help from Caroline...her room is now painted! We're still working on the finishing touches but she has already made a "no stinky boys allowed!" sign for the door! I think she is really enjoying having her own space, though the boys are a little heartbroken every time she says she wants be alone...Yikes! It starts already!

Yesterday was a great day! Jud took the big three to the Brewers game...They had a blast! Didn't see a whole lot of the game...but that was to be expected with Sam! Although he did really enjoy the sausage race!

With Jud and the "bigs" busy...Emma and I had the day to ourselves! It was really nice. It's hard to get much one on one time with any of the kids these days, so it's always great when it works out. Emma has been very snuggly lately...we took a little rest together, no sleep of course, but lots of cuddles! She was so sweet, when I told her that being her mommy makes me so happy she said being my Emma makes her so happy! I think she's already figured out how to work me! Because she then convinced me that she didn't need a rest, and we should go out to lunch instead! I'm such a sucker!

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