Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our First Seder!

So, tonight was the first night of Passover. And at the last minute we decided to have our own little Seder! It was great! Hopefully, it's not a faux pas to take was just one of those nights I always want to remember!

For those of you who don't know us very well...I was raised in a big Catholic family and Jud in a smaller Jewish family. When we got married (although not in the church) we planned on raising our family Catholic. Caroline and Jack were both baptized in the Church...and then, just before Sam was born...for a number of reasons, we... well... changed our minds!

The last four years since, have been a huge learning experience for me! I feel like as we are teaching the kids about religion and faith and everything that goes along with it...I am learning too!

So honestly the very idea of putting on a Seder...for me was out of the question... I had only been to one, when Jud and I first started dating...I wasn't prepared to have one of our own. I was secretly hoping we'd be invited to someone else's Seder this year, so we could all learn a little!

However, as things turned out, it was just us! (not surprisingly, considering inviting our family over is like inviting a traveling circus! and who wants a circus at their Seder?) Jud very cleverly crafted a slightly edited version of a traditional Seder...keeping in mind the attention span of his audience! The kids were captivated!

The night went amazingly well...the kids actually sat and listened to Jud tell the story(I know that is a miracle in and of itself!)...they sampled the food...Caroline read the four questions! It really was a great night of family and togetherness! A wonderful first Seder if I do say so myself!

The bitter herbs...not a huge hit!

The haroset was definitely Caroline's favorite!

And even though I thought, I had cleverly hidden the Afikoman, Caroline found it within about thirty seconds!

My favorite thing of the whole night was, as the kids where enjoying their reward for returning the Afikoman...Jud asked who they thought the "hero of the story was"

Jack replied, "God! Because he parted the sea...and dropped it on all the bad the guys!" This was his favorite part of whole story!

Caroine's reply was "Miriam, because she saved her little brother Moses, by letting him go...even if it meant he'd live with another family."

Caroline's response, of course struck me...and gave us the opportunity to talk to them (mostly caroline) about the heroism and braveness it took for Emma's birth family, and the next 'little one's' birth family to make that same decision... to give the child to another order to save them...and give them a chance at a better life... A decision we are grateful for!

And as for poor little Em...she has gotten a nasty cold and spent most of the night on my lap!

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Heather said...

Congrats on a wonderful first Seder! I saw your comment on our blog and followed your link. Beautiful family you have! Of course it is just fine to list our blog on yours! :) Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!