Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's finally starting to look a little like Spring!

The snow has melted once again and the sun finally reappeared! Sam and Emma and I took advantage of this first spring-like day by going to the park. We brought the puppies who were so happy to get a little run time. Emma loves to walk Sketcher...She's really very good with him. She calls him Sketchy-boy! It's so darn cute!

I'm not sure who needed the fresh air more, the crazy dogs who've been cooped up all winter....the crazy kids who've been cooped up all winter...or the crazy mommy who feels like she is going to lose her mind if we are all cooped up for one more day!

It's been so awesome the last few months watching Sam and Emma become little buddies...They play together now and really just like to be around each other! Even though they're over a year apart they're basically the same size! (Em may even be a smidge taller!) My favorite thing about these pictures, is that I didn't even ask them to hold hands! I looked up and saw it! It makes me so happy to see them so close.

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