Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When exactly does Mommy come home???

Full Disclosure: This is not Jess. Nor would I ever claim to be as adroit at the 'blogosphere' as she is. You're stuck tonite with a guest blogger. Hopefully there's more critical acclaim than criticism. . .

Sunday evening we decided that Jess should go to Florida to be with her parents. She left on Monday morning. Her Dad is in the hospital and she felt it was important to be there in person, as much to be with her Mom as to support her Dad.

She got down there safely, and we are both really glad she went. Jess has one of the biggest, most caring hearts of anyone I've ever met. She saw that her parents wouldn't ask for her to come with their words, but in hearing her Mom's voice she knew she should go.

The Snyder gang was stuck with me at home for three whole days. I've always wondered exactly how Jess does it. I still have absolutely no clue.

We started out on Monday with the boys in school, but Caroline was home and had a doctor's appointment at 1:30 to make sure the pneumonia was cleared up. Following the doctor's examination, She is now on a second course of antibiotics to make sure we got the last bits of it. For those of you playing the home version of the game, this means that Caroline, Jack and Sam are all taking that wonderful white, chalky Augmentin 2x a day. . . .

Emma, of course, is still 'strong like bull'. She rarely if ever gets sick . . .

Today, all of the kids had school, which would mean a couple of hours to get caught up on work. First though we needed to get up, get dressed, get breakfast and get out the door. For some reason, I've never appreciated the balanced effort it takes to keep four kids from melting down, while you dress, groom, feed and otherwise prepare them for school. This is an underappreciated art form. Somewhere between ballet, cattle herding and MMA*.

(*MMA is mixed martial arts. Don't act like you've never had a few beers and found yourself on the coach, watching TNT late at night. . . .)

The funniest part of the day was when Sam, Emma and I grabbed lunch after picking them up from K4 and preschool. We went to McDonalds and Sam needed to go to the bathroom. We all trooped into a stall in the men's room and when Sam was done and pulling up his pants, he noticed that he was wearing two pair of undies: pirates over boxers. . .

Tomorrow when I give him his new clothes, I'll make sure to specify that he should remove his old underwear before putting the new ones on.

Jack was missing his mom tonight. When he was going to bed he said he wished that she could be home in time to kiss him for bedtime tonight, not tomorrow.

I told him we all did. And we all do. Come home safely baby. We miss you.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

No Feature, again! Surprised?

Yes, I know another Friday has passed again with no feature. Thanks Michelle for pointing out that I stink at keeping up with it!

In my defense, I have to say, this has been quite a week.

I had good intentions...but with more sick kids, laundry, and facebook, it's hard to find the time!

By the end of the week the kids were all feeling well...for the most part.

The week seemed to be going by without a hitch.... until my mom called to let us know that my dad was in the hospital.

The news was particularly frightening because my parents are in Florida for the winter...I feel so far away and helpless. To my dad of course, but also to my mom. Her life has revolved around my dad for the past 45 years...so obviously I worry about her too.

My Dad is a very private person, and I'm pretty sure he isn't going to like being talked about on this blog, so I'll respect that.

I think no matter what our relationship is with our parents... you get that call, and it just takes your breath away. Striking you all the way to the core, like a good punch in the gut! Leaving you for a few moments, feeling like a scared five year old.

It's turned out to be a tough week...

Today, to take a break from all of the craziness, we decieded to have a family day. We asked the kids what they would like to do with all of us together...the vote was unanamous...the Puublic Museum.

The kids were awesome! They were all so excited! The boys, of course wanted to run though everything as fast as they could. They would breifly look at one exibit shout "oh, cool!" or "look he's not wearing any pants!" and then quickly run on to the next.

Caroline wanted to read EVERYTHING about EVERY exhibit!

Emma was a little in the middle. She'd run along with the boys, but when Caroline would start explaining the exhibit to her, she'd get very excited and call the boys back over to see. It was really pretty funny!

They loved the butterflies, well everyone except Emma.

And then of course, Caroline and the critters!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wise Words

After having a particularly rough week, I've been feeling a bit blah. I'm sure partly from the sheer exhaustion of having sick kids one after the other who aren't sleeping night after night.

And partly because there is so much up in the air about the house, which leaves me with the lovely job of keeping it spotless just in case someone calls for a showing. Let me just tell you that is not an easy task, this is one beast of a house!

And of course there are all the emotions and worry that come along with the waiting! Knowing that I have another child. somewhere. It's hard to wrap my head around. And it's hard not to think about constantly.

Anyway, I was feeling blah and commiserating with a friend today, who suggested we look for the small things!

Wise Words!

And since she is one of the smartest people I know, I'll take her advice!

I've got 4 small things to be grateful for!

Here they are reading stories tonight with my studly hubby!

And oh my gosh do they make me smile!

Just in case there is anyone reading this who needs a laugh, I'll share a little funny from the kids this week.

They were all coloring. Caroline drew a King, but with long hair and a pink shirt. Sam liked it, and gave an approving silly face. Caroline asked him "if you like it so much do want to marry it? Sam said, "No, no, no!" (again silly face) "I'm going to marry Jack. Jack is the King!" Jack got a puzzled look on his face and asked, "what does that make you, my queen?" After a good laugh by all, Sam said, "No Jack, you're the king and I'm your servant!"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Friend or Family Feature

Gosh I really stink at this whole friday feature thing! Again, it has to wait...

We've had a very busy, very exhausting week!

Caroline has been home sick the majority of the week. And I mean SICK! At the begining of the week, she was just achey and tired! By Tuesday she started a fever which quickly skyrocketed to 103.7 !!! That was enough to totally freak me out! We were off the ER!

After a VERY LONG night in the ER we found out she has pneumonia!

Thankfully she's doing much better now. Still pretty tired, but has little spurts of energy once in while where she seems almost like herself again. Her and I have spent many hours over the past 5 days cuddled on the couch watching animal planet!

And of course I'm pretty sure I have memorized every single word to the High School Musical 3 movie! Go Wildcats!

Here she is sitting at the computer, writing all about her visit the ER! She can't wait to share all the gory details with her class on Monday! In the photo she's reading the get well cards that her class made for her! That really made her day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sad News

I have to say something about the huge loss the world suffered yesterday with the passing of Haregewoin Teferra.

I heard the news yesterday morning, and still I just don't know what to say...she was an amazing woman who stood up for children who had no one else.

You can read more about her here.

Or visit Charlotte to watch an amazing video featuring Mrs. Teferra.

I can tell you, I don't know of a single person who has read Melissa Fay Green's book There is no me without you, which focuses on, Haregewoin Teferra, who had opened her home and taken in hundreds of the untouchables thrown in the streets and left at her door, without being touched or changed somehow...

She had a huge impact on so many of our lives, and of course the lives of the hundreds of children she has taken in over the years...

She will be greatly missed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

bedtime stories

Tonight we read one of the kids favorite books.

If you haven't read it, you simply must! Yes, it is all about poop, but gosh it does make the kids laugh so! Infact, Jack was laughing so hard, I thought he was going to pee in his pants! He was pretty close!

Jack actually read the story, while Sam and Emma did the sound effects!


Saturday, March 14, 2009


It's funny just how excited Emma was about her birthday...up until a few weeks ago she insisted that she was not turning four, it seemed she was quite content with three! But suddenly this week, it became a huge deal! She kept saying, "on Saturday it's my birthday, and no one else's! I will have presents, but no one else will!" She was so darn excited! You'd think the girl has never gotten gifts before! The other kids all did a great job of making a big deal about HER and her birthday! Caroline made her a special card and picked out some great thoughtful presents that she knew Emma would love!

(Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!)

We kept the day, pretty low key! No big party, just us, together.

I did make the cake, per Emma's very specific demands...it needed to be round. It needed to be black with white spots, not white with black spots! And of course it needed to have a four on top with four candles! Just something that the walmart bakery doesn't seem to carry! I checked!

It was well worth it! Emma absolutely loved it! And she was so sweet and told me I did a "perfect job" and it was the "best best cake ever!"

This year Em has really grown immensely! The changes in her have been dramatic!

From my once feisty, controlling, and stubborn little girl, a wonderful, loving, sweet and tender girl has emerged...

I've been thinking about these changes and how they're attachment related...the progress we've made this past year is just astounding really... but that's another post!

This is Emma's birthday post!

So without further ado, four of my favorite pictures from the past year of the birthday girl!

My baby is 4!

I am really short on time right now, but hopefully I'll have time later to brag all about my darling baby girl, who's clearly not a baby anymore! I can tell you she is soooooo happy that today is her birthday, and no one else's!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sick days!

Jack wasn't feeling well this morning, just a cold/flu bug working it's way through the house. So he stayed home...

What's worth posting is that when I was getting Caroline ready for school, she got noticeably sad when she realized that Jack was not going to be at school...evidently they are buddies on the playground as well! Caroline was really sad that Jack wasn't going to be at recess with her!

Tell me that's not cute!

Caroline and Jack on the 100th day of school!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Friday!

Yes again, the feature must wait!

The kids were all off of school today! So we had many pressing issues that needed attention!

First I needed to get all of these "guys" on cardboard!

This is Jack and Sam's favorite thing to do. They draw "guys" usually characters from movies or cartoons they like, and then I paste them onto cardboard, cut them out and voila hours of entertainment!

This afternoon we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather...and then later this afternoon I got to enjoy the beautiful 2 loads of muddy laundry that the 30 minutes outside produced!

And then of course tonight was Shabbat!

We're trying to make sure we include Judiasm in more of our day to day lives. Other than Sunday School and the occasional Friday night service, the kids live a pretty secular life. So we're starting back with the basics, Challah and candles...

Caroline and her BFF!

Man does Sam love Challah!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My sister gave me a CD a few weeks ago with this song on it. I LOVE IT! I've been listening to it every morning while I get the kids fed and ready for school. It seems to leave me in such a "bring it on" kind of mood! I thought maybe some of you could use a little pick me up:) Come on just try it, push play!

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The many faces of Squirt!

This morning as Sam was eating breakfast, he just looked different. You know, just like a much older Sam. It's weird, but they do that sometimes! It's like you tuck the baby in one night and the next morning you have a big kid eating pop tarts! A blink of an eye I tell ya!

So I felt like I needed to capture this big kid moment with a picture, Sam was feeling like quite the goof ball so he decided to put on a little show!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Crazy Hair Day!

Friday was Crazy Hair Day at School!

Jud picked the color of course :) I tried to talk Jack into letting me cut his hair into a mo hawk, but no dice :)