Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Friday!

Yes again, the feature must wait!

The kids were all off of school today! So we had many pressing issues that needed attention!

First I needed to get all of these "guys" on cardboard!

This is Jack and Sam's favorite thing to do. They draw "guys" usually characters from movies or cartoons they like, and then I paste them onto cardboard, cut them out and voila hours of entertainment!

This afternoon we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather...and then later this afternoon I got to enjoy the beautiful 2 loads of muddy laundry that the 30 minutes outside produced!

And then of course tonight was Shabbat!

We're trying to make sure we include Judiasm in more of our day to day lives. Other than Sunday School and the occasional Friday night service, the kids live a pretty secular life. So we're starting back with the basics, Challah and candles...

Caroline and her BFF!

Man does Sam love Challah!


Christina said...

Yay for the cardboard peeps! Like I said, I love them.

Papa Bruce said...

Hi Jess - talking to Jud last night remeinded me to log in and check out the Sam pictures! Could this kid have theater in his future? What a little showman!And - by the way next time you are shooting pix - I don't have a recent good shot of you or Jud!! Love Papa Bruce