Saturday, March 14, 2009


It's funny just how excited Emma was about her birthday...up until a few weeks ago she insisted that she was not turning four, it seemed she was quite content with three! But suddenly this week, it became a huge deal! She kept saying, "on Saturday it's my birthday, and no one else's! I will have presents, but no one else will!" She was so darn excited! You'd think the girl has never gotten gifts before! The other kids all did a great job of making a big deal about HER and her birthday! Caroline made her a special card and picked out some great thoughtful presents that she knew Emma would love!

(Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!)

We kept the day, pretty low key! No big party, just us, together.

I did make the cake, per Emma's very specific needed to be round. It needed to be black with white spots, not white with black spots! And of course it needed to have a four on top with four candles! Just something that the walmart bakery doesn't seem to carry! I checked!

It was well worth it! Emma absolutely loved it! And she was so sweet and told me I did a "perfect job" and it was the "best best cake ever!"

This year Em has really grown immensely! The changes in her have been dramatic!

From my once feisty, controlling, and stubborn little girl, a wonderful, loving, sweet and tender girl has emerged...

I've been thinking about these changes and how they're attachment related...the progress we've made this past year is just astounding really... but that's another post!

This is Emma's birthday post!

So without further ado, four of my favorite pictures from the past year of the birthday girl!


Kari said...

How is it possible that she is 4?? Time flies doesn't it? You did an absolutely fabulous job on that cake and it is evident her sweet face. I love the 4 pics you chose too, they really show off your beautiful girl!

I really hope we get to meet this summer!

rleibel said...

Does she know, do you think, how much joy her just being herself, brings to so many people?