Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday Friend or Family Feature

This weeks Friend or Family Feature is Jackson! I promise I won't use every Friday's Feature to gush about my wonderful kids, but this one is long overdue!

A truly AWESOME kid!

Jack-- the sweetest six year old you could ever dream of!

At home he is so attentive to the other kids, especially to the "littles"!

Jack is such a good big brother, he is always willing to help Emma find her puppy, or to read a book to Sam...

And when Sam was too afraid to sleep in his own big boy room, Jack offered to let him stay in his room.

At school Jack is the kid everyone wants to be friends with!

When I pick him up from school he's slapping fives with friends, and there's always a chorus of "bye Jackson!" as he gets into the car!

He really cares deeply about all of his friends.

For a six year year old, he knows a surprising amount about different family situations, and how these different situations affect his friends.

And when I went to school one day to have lunch with him, I could see how much that meant to them.

Everyone wanted to sit by him, talk to him...Not because he's the athletic kid, or the popular kid, or the teachers pet, but because he was the nice kid.

Jack genuinely cares about people.

He is an emotion magnet!

When I'm feeling down, oh yeah there are the days, Jack will come up to me and just give me a hug! He is so intuitive about what people are feeling. And so giving of himself in wanting to help.

Jack is so bright...but very nonchalant about it!

I know I've talked about what a genius we think Caroline is (doesn't every parent think their kids are destined to be rocket scientists?)

But Jack has snuck up below the radar and just blown us away! He's pretty much caught up to the high standards that Caroline had set in piano, math and reading!

This month at school, Jack was nominated for Student of Month by one of his teachers.

This months focus was Fairness.

This was her reason for nominating:

"Jackson is a very caring friend and classmate. He is always making sure to include everyone in games, play fair and take turns. He listens to others during discussions in hopes they will do the same to him."

I am so proud of Jackson!

I feel honored to be his mom!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh my Boogie!

So Caroline is turning 8 today!

And yes, that means you get to hear all about my gorgeous little girl!!!

What can I say about this beauty!

Caroline is the light of my life! (Well they all are, but Caroline was the first to shine that light!) And shine she has!

Caroline is absolutely the best mix of Jud and I... (I'd love to take credit for her looks, but when I look at her all I see is Jud!) She is so brilliant! She loves math and reading! (I'm pretty sure that's Jud too!) She is picking up piano as though she's been playing for years...And she is also soooo sensitive to other people's needs...Caroline is always thinking of ways that she can help other people. (she might get that from me!)

A few years ago we started a tradition, before the holidays of going through toys to donate...the boys always have a hard time with this. But Caroline is the one who wants to give her favorite toys, even if it's something she still plays with, because she thinks another child would like it too...and "they probably don't have many toys"!

This year, for her birthday, in true Caroline form, she is having a party at the Humane Society! Rather than getting gifts from her friends, she is asking her friends to donate to the Humane Society to help the animals! What 8 year old does that?!

Caroline has always loved animals! We call her our little Cesar! Because the dogs listen to her better than they do to us...she seems to have the touch! When we found the gar at the cottage she was the one to swoop it up in the net, when we saw the grass snake she was right there ready to hold it! And when I found the mouse in the sink, she's the one who came to my rescue!

I just love this little girl so much! I can't wait to see how she changes the world! (no pressure!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Random bedtime funnies...

Tonight in the midst of the bedtime routine, Sam was trying to find a story he would like to bring to share with his class tomorrow...He picked, "The mole who knew it was none of his business". (For anyone without kids, it's a hilarious book about animals poop! ) Since, Caroline is going to be the one reading the book to Sam's class, I asked her what she thought. she said, "yeah, I don't think that's appropriate!"

And when I was bringing Emma to the bathroom, she told me, "No Mommy, you need to get out!" and then practically slammed the door in my face, and locked it! A minute later she emerged from the bathroom having turned the fan on! Where did she get that?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friend or Family Feature

I am totally stealing this brilliant idea from Julie! On Fridays I'm going to try to have a friend or family feature...Not only is it an opportunity to brag a little about all of the incredible people I am lucky enough to have in my life, but it's also a way of reminding myself that they are there...

Today's feature is Sam!!!

Sam is the sweetest little boy. He is so crazy silly one minute, and then ready for cuddles the next. He makes the best faces! Any one of them can instantly light up a room. In our house, he has been voted 'most likely to be in Hollywood'. He can make Jack laugh until he can't breathe with just one funny face and finds endless humor in 'stinky stuff'. . .

His teachers absolutely adore him. "He is such a good listener and a good friend to the other children" and he is so proud of getting a "green face" everyday at school!

I'm so proud of this silly little guy! And so thankful that I get to look into those big blue eyes every day!

I was planning on posting 5 pictures, since he is turning 5 today...but I just couldn't do it! I spent the afternoon yesterday looking through tons of pictures, and there was no way I could only pick 5!!!

It got a little long! I knew Bubbie would appreciate it though!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sick and Cold!!!

This week has been very cold!!! So cold that school was canceled most of the week!!! The kids were very much enjoying their time off of school, unfortunately Jud and I were very sick! So it was a long week!

Kids with lots of energy from being cooped up all week, and mommy and daddy with zero energy from being sick all week, not a good mix!

So not much has been happening around here this week!

Last weekend we did have a fun visit from Grandpa and Grandma though!

Emma teaching Grandpa how to play the leapster!

Emma and Grandpa playing puppies!

Caroline and Grandma working on word searches!

Sam loved his Birthday gift!

So did Jack!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gamblers too?

When we were getting ready for school this morning Jack looked at all of the snow outside and declared it a snow day...

"there's no way we can get through all that snow, we'll have to stay home!"

Caroline piped up "I bet you a dollar we can still get out!"

Then she whispered to me "it's an easy bet, our truck can get through anything!"

She was right, we made it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True Friends? Or Big Drinkers?

Tonight Jack was trying to gulp down his very bad tasting antibiotics, (he really hates it) All of the other kids started cheering "go Jack go Jack, you can do it!" and then "drink it, drink it, drink it" while they pounded on the table in unison!

I couldn't help wondering if this was a sign that they were true friends, to encourage each other through the grossest stuff! Or simply that they'll be great party people someday:)

Monday, January 12, 2009


Adoption is really a complicated thing.

Looking back to when we first started the process to adopt in 2005 I think that Jud and I were very naive to the whole process. We thought very simply about a very complicated situation.

We knew we wanted to have more children, and we knew there were millions of children in the world who needed families. It seemed simple.

But nothing on this journey has been simple...

I'll admit we probably didn't read as many books about the great history of Ethiopia as we should have, or books about things like trans racial adoption or even attachment in adoption. Every book I started was quickly set down. I kept thinking what's the big deal? So she won't look like us, and she didn't grow inside of me, who cares? Why does it matter? This is my child. I will love her just as I love all of my children.

But now I am realizing that there was so much that I was missing.

So much that I hadn't prepared for, or even thought of...

I never could have imagined how much this whole journey of adoption would completely change me, my life, my family, and how I think of the world.

But it has.

OK I've been working on this post for almost two weeks...and I can never figure out just what I'm trying to say. Or how to say it. Then this morning I read THIS and well, Julie hit it right on the head! I think we must be neighbors in Crazy Town!! You have to read it! It's exactly right.

Oh Bubbie, I know it's been awhile!

I know you're waiting for a new post! I'm working on it! There's a lot happening in this crazy house! Here is picture of Caroline and Lou Lou to help you make it though the day!

A little update on the adoption...

We have decided to narrow our age range to 0-12 months. For many reasons, but the biggest one is because I'm worried about how Emma would adjust to having another toddler in the family...
Since we have already been waiting for a little over 6 months that means we probably have at least 5 more months before we'll hear anything, which seems like forever, but at we have an idea of how long...

Friday, January 2, 2009

so much to blog about, so little time!

It definitely hasn't been quiet around here...what with the kids off of school! But luckily for me, Jud was off for a good part of the week! He's been baking, and making delicious dinners, and then concocting yummy soups with the leftovers! I actually haven't made a meal all week! I'm feeling like one lucky lady!

We have recovered from Hanukah and Christmas!! With lots of cuddles!

playing with new toys!

and lots of just plain silliness!

and of course cuteness!

We brought in the new year with a few good buddies! Our friends, Don and Dani came over with there two cutie little girls, Olivia and Lauren.

Jack absolutely loves babies! Especially baby Lauren!

I had to fight him just for a chance to hold her!

But you can't blame him, who wouldn't want to hold this little beauty?

Emma and Olivia really had fun together too! This was the first time they actually played together, rather than next to each other. It was pretty darn cute to watch them play!

Since our guests were a little on the young side (yeah Dani, that includes you!) The evening ended a little before midnight! (like 8:30) So we decided that 9:30 would be the new midnight!!! We did the whole shabang, the noise makers, the beads, the hats, the poppers, you name it!