Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh my Boogie!

So Caroline is turning 8 today!

And yes, that means you get to hear all about my gorgeous little girl!!!

What can I say about this beauty!

Caroline is the light of my life! (Well they all are, but Caroline was the first to shine that light!) And shine she has!

Caroline is absolutely the best mix of Jud and I... (I'd love to take credit for her looks, but when I look at her all I see is Jud!) She is so brilliant! She loves math and reading! (I'm pretty sure that's Jud too!) She is picking up piano as though she's been playing for years...And she is also soooo sensitive to other people's needs...Caroline is always thinking of ways that she can help other people. (she might get that from me!)

A few years ago we started a tradition, before the holidays of going through toys to donate...the boys always have a hard time with this. But Caroline is the one who wants to give her favorite toys, even if it's something she still plays with, because she thinks another child would like it too...and "they probably don't have many toys"!

This year, for her birthday, in true Caroline form, she is having a party at the Humane Society! Rather than getting gifts from her friends, she is asking her friends to donate to the Humane Society to help the animals! What 8 year old does that?!

Caroline has always loved animals! We call her our little Cesar! Because the dogs listen to her better than they do to us...she seems to have the touch! When we found the gar at the cottage she was the one to swoop it up in the net, when we saw the grass snake she was right there ready to hold it! And when I found the mouse in the sink, she's the one who came to my rescue!

I just love this little girl so much! I can't wait to see how she changes the world! (no pressure!)


Anonymous said...

Another day begun with tears. Good ones. Thanks Jess, for adding real and beautiful images to the mental memories that have been flooding my head and heart since early this morning: seeing Caroline come into the world; laughing with her as she lay on the carpet watching the colorful fish she so loved in the aquarium in your first house; swinging her on your backyard swings and watching her swoop down the playground slide; going for 'expoditions' to watch bugs, and her being right about what the ants would carry down to their underground houses; her entertaining us with readings from "Slithery Jake"; our walks and talks as we searched for birds together. She is an extraordinary little girl, tenderly nurtured by you and Jud, and deeply loved by her Bubbeh.

Julie said...

Wow. What a sweetie. What the heck is a Gar? I love the Humane Society idea. You must be an incredible mother. (Prepare ye for the phone calls from a certain clueless mom-to-be).

-C said...

Happy Birthday sweet Caroline. Boy you have your hands full with birthdays these days. Didn't you just finish baking the Darth Vader cake?

Caroline, the dog whisperer, sounds like an old soul- so sweet that she is celebrating her birthday by giving to the humane society. I hope she has a lovely day.