Friday, January 2, 2009

so much to blog about, so little time!

It definitely hasn't been quiet around here...what with the kids off of school! But luckily for me, Jud was off for a good part of the week! He's been baking, and making delicious dinners, and then concocting yummy soups with the leftovers! I actually haven't made a meal all week! I'm feeling like one lucky lady!

We have recovered from Hanukah and Christmas!! With lots of cuddles!

playing with new toys!

and lots of just plain silliness!

and of course cuteness!

We brought in the new year with a few good buddies! Our friends, Don and Dani came over with there two cutie little girls, Olivia and Lauren.

Jack absolutely loves babies! Especially baby Lauren!

I had to fight him just for a chance to hold her!

But you can't blame him, who wouldn't want to hold this little beauty?

Emma and Olivia really had fun together too! This was the first time they actually played together, rather than next to each other. It was pretty darn cute to watch them play!

Since our guests were a little on the young side (yeah Dani, that includes you!) The evening ended a little before midnight! (like 8:30) So we decided that 9:30 would be the new midnight!!! We did the whole shabang, the noise makers, the beads, the hats, the poppers, you name it!



Julie said...

You guys are so cute! And wow that's some chubby baby cuteness. I think we will also make midnight 9:30. You've started a trend. Happy New Year!

Papa Bruce said...

Goodness a tumble jumble gaggle of children! The jewels of the household! We can't wait to snuggle with them next week! Grandpa and Grandma