Saturday, December 27, 2008


*edit* thanks, I meant breathe not breath!

There's a lot I've been thinking about. Things that I'm sure have contributed to my funky mood lately. But I just don't really have the words yet. So much running through my head, it's hard to wrap my brain around what I'm trying to say...

So for now, I'm just going to breathe.

And focus on the amazing week we've had at our house.

Two holidays in one week, that's a lot to cram in! Lot's of wrapping, unwrapping, and opening those darn toy boxes! That gets harder every year! This year we actually needed a screwdriver to get one toy out of the box! That's insane!

We tried something new for Hanukah this year, each night the kids got one group present...a board game, or something that we can all play with together. The kids actually really liked this idea, they've been playing so well together all week!

We tried to tone down Christmas a bit this year too. It was still fun, and the kids got things from their lists, but we tried to focus on the giving rather than the getting. And for little kids, they've come up with some pretty amazing ways to give to others.

The loot!

The boys are totally into star wars this year, so most of their gifts were somehow related to it.

Caroline got a hamster! Which she was completely over the moon in love with, until it bit her! Now she's working up the courage to hold it again!

Emma's pretty easy to please, a new leapster and a few little puppy things and she's set!

Emma and her new leapster!

Sam playing with all of his "guys"!

Caroline and Lulu!

Emma and Jud

Sam and Jack playing wii, sporting their new AHOPE shirts from Aunt Katie (how much do I love her!)


rebekah said...


i've been feeling things too... funky mood too, although i'm fairly certain you and i have different reasons... thanks for the reminder to breath. last night i tried to sleep and was hyper aware that my breaths were not full. i had to work to make them so. yikes. talk soon i hope.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant "breathe"

Kari said...

Sorry for the funk--it's hard to shake that kind of mood. Especially when you can't quite put your finger on all of why it is happening. Your reminder to just breathe is a great one--for everyone.

I love the pictures of the kids. They all look so darn cute. Caroline is beginning to look so grown up!