Thursday, December 18, 2008

In a funk.

I'm not quite sure what my problem is, but I'm totally in a funk this week!

My normal go go go energy, seems to be on vacation!

Things that usually drive me insane, like dirty dishes, piles of laundry gathering on the floor and sticky gross floors...this week, well I just don't have the energy to care!

This waiting stuff (on the adoption front) is really getting to me.

In my efforts to avoid the adoption forum (that I normally check daily) and with the advice from my wise 16 year old sister in law, I have joined Facebook...yet another addiction to tend to! (Thanks Mim!) I have since been slacking so much around the house that I fear Jud may take away my computer!!!

Maybe that's why I feel blue????

Even though I've been in a funky mood, It's been a busy and fun week for the kids! Emma and I had a play date with Sarah and her gorgeous kids this week! Emma and Thad were so cute together, and I seriously thought about stealing Hannah!

Sarah and I met years ago, when the forum was just beginning...we were both waiting for referrals. And we've emailed for the past three years but never met...It was so great to finally meet Sarah and have another mom who knows just what I'm feeling and to be able to talk about all of the crazy emotions that go along with this whole process...

Another bright spot, (for those of you who just hang out for pictures) Emma had her Holiday concert today.

She was so darn cute!

But even amidst the cuteness of Emma performing in her concert, I felt the mommy guilt! As she was up on stage singing, O little town of Bethlehem, Away in a manger, and Go tell it on the mountain...I felt so guilty, this preschool was not supposed to be affiliated with any religion..something I talked to the director about...but here Emma is rocking her arms with baby Jesus...(I know, if my Dad read this blog he'd be thrilled!) But-Hello, we're Jewish!!

So yes here's where the guilt pours in! I feel awful that we haven't been more involved with out Temple...I feel like we should be doing more to encourage their pride in their Jewish Heritage...

So being the sneaky people that we are, Jud is going to school with Caroline and Jack (assuming we have don't have a snow day) to play dreidle, and bribe all of the kids with Hanukkah gelt and M&M's to convince them that eight days of presents is so much more fun than one day of Santa's gifts!

Matzah vs Easter eggs is a little harder sell!


Paschke said...

Jud is MORE than welcome to come to my school and play draedel (ok did I Spell that wrong, it's only 530 am) and bring gelt. We just are studying hunukkah right now :)

Julie said...

I joined facebook too. Maybe I'll see you over there. I promise not to start anymore arguments, at least this week. Thanks, again, for your support. (:

rebekah said...

I'll take Matzah over Easter eggs any day!

Hang in there. Lucky for you today is a snow day and sitting around checking the forum is just about all there is to do anyhow.

See you tomorrow!

Kari said...

Sorry for the funk. Can't say that I blame you, but just wanted to send hugs anyhow. Just look at sweet Emma's face and think about how quickly you forget about the wait, once they are home.

I am on Facebook too. How are we going to find each other?? That must be done!