Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hanukah started a little early this year

This weekend we had Jud's family in town, to celebrate Hanukah. (yes, a little early!) The kids were all so excited to see their little cousin Spencer again, and of course Spencer's parents, Uncle Dave and Aunt Kristy who brought the Lovely Auntie Miriam with them, and of course you can't have Hanukah without Bubbie and Zaide!

We pretended it was the fourth night of Hanukah, so that each of the kids could take turns lighting the candles!

Candles, presents, latkes, oh my!!

Caroline loved the latkes!

No visit with Bubbie is complete without a good book.


Emma and Spencer really hit it off! They had so much fun playing and being silly together! He's such a cutie!

We all enjoyed playing Caroline's High School Musical game from Grandma and Grandpa! Jud won the game with these dance moves!!!

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Kristin said...

Did he learn those moves from Soul Train or Solid Gold? Looks and sounds like a great weekend. Happy Hanukah!!