Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No Bubbie I won't forget about the blog!

Bubbie called this morning a little worried that with my new found love of facebook, I will forget about the blog!

Not to worry! I havn't forgotten, I'm just a little short on time these days! Cramming two holidays into one week is a little exhausting for mommy!

But to hold you over until the craziness of the holidays have passed, here's a few pictures of what Caroline and I did this week, while I've been avoiding doing all of the things I should be getting done!

Yes, instead of cleaning my house to get ready for company tomorrow, we had fun playing dress up in my closet instead!

Caroline's favorite was my wedding dress! I had to smile because I remember trying on my mom's wedding dress when I was a little girl! I remember feeling so beautiful like I looked like my mom...I would stare at her wedding portrait that hung in her bedroom, and think, someday I'd look just like her.

And looking at Caroline in my dress, well she was gorgeous! And I could see that same dreamy look in her eyes. It was a really sweet feeling. However, I'm glad we have a few years before she's ready for her own wedding dress! In fact when I showed Jud the pictures, he had trouble even looking at them, I don't think he'll ever be ready to let her grow up...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess.

You are correct; I was a little concerned. Your blog is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures. Whenever I am at my computer, whether I am working at the office or at home, the check-in rate is high. In part, it is because your writing is terrific. You capture the everydayness of life at your house as a series of compelling short stories. It's like having a good book to read, the kind you can't wait to read the next chapter of. But of course its not just a good book. It's about you and Jud and the children, people whose lives are central to me and very precious. I do understand how busy the two-holiday four kids two dogs life must be. Often, two kids and one dog was more than I could manage. So thank you for taking time to post. As for the pictures of Caroline, I am so very touched and as always, grateful for all that you give her: the time, the sensitivity, the central place in your life. She is exquisite, and it is both wonderful and a little haunting to see how quickly she is finding a way to look appropriate in that dress.



Kristin said...

The days go by faster than you think... "Don't blink!" Caroline is gorgeous!!