Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snow day!

Well not really, but the kids only had a half day of school today, so we pretended it was a snow day!

They were all dying to get out and play in the snow. Although, Emma was more than a little ticked off when Caroline told her the snow wasn't "packy" enough to make a snowman!

Sam lasted all of five minutes outside! He kept losing mittens and boots in the snow and then the snot started to drip! He had enough!

Jack kept diving face first into the snow, so it wasn't long before he was bright red and ready to come inside!

The girls stayed out for almost an hour! They probably each ate about a gallon of snow while they were out there!

Even Sketcher enjoyed running around in the snow for a little bit!

Not Sophie though, I guess tromping through the snow with three paws is not her idea of a good time! What? didn't you know we had a three legged dog?

1 comment:

rebekah said...

I've never seen any dog at your house! Much less a three legged one!