Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sick and Cold!!!

This week has been very cold!!! So cold that school was canceled most of the week!!! The kids were very much enjoying their time off of school, unfortunately Jud and I were very sick! So it was a long week!

Kids with lots of energy from being cooped up all week, and mommy and daddy with zero energy from being sick all week, not a good mix!

So not much has been happening around here this week!

Last weekend we did have a fun visit from Grandpa and Grandma though!

Emma teaching Grandpa how to play the leapster!

Emma and Grandpa playing puppies!

Caroline and Grandma working on word searches!

Sam loved his Birthday gift!

So did Jack!

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Papa Bruce said...

Oh boy - we were obviously lucky we didn't get a cold from visiting you guys! Have you tried Zicam? This is sort of a nasal gel you put in the nostrils at the first inkling of a cold. It actually seems to work - anyway it can't hurt. Thanks for the cool pictures of us with the little ones - the kids are so cute they even make me look good! I watched someof the pre-inauguration stuff today. Very cool - so many are putting all their hopes on Barack Obama. It's a measure of his capacity to inspire as well as the fearful difficulties we all face. Be well, stay in touch, Papa Bruce