Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday Friend or Family Feature

This weeks Friend or Family Feature is Jackson! I promise I won't use every Friday's Feature to gush about my wonderful kids, but this one is long overdue!

A truly AWESOME kid!

Jack-- the sweetest six year old you could ever dream of!

At home he is so attentive to the other kids, especially to the "littles"!

Jack is such a good big brother, he is always willing to help Emma find her puppy, or to read a book to Sam...

And when Sam was too afraid to sleep in his own big boy room, Jack offered to let him stay in his room.

At school Jack is the kid everyone wants to be friends with!

When I pick him up from school he's slapping fives with friends, and there's always a chorus of "bye Jackson!" as he gets into the car!

He really cares deeply about all of his friends.

For a six year year old, he knows a surprising amount about different family situations, and how these different situations affect his friends.

And when I went to school one day to have lunch with him, I could see how much that meant to them.

Everyone wanted to sit by him, talk to him...Not because he's the athletic kid, or the popular kid, or the teachers pet, but because he was the nice kid.

Jack genuinely cares about people.

He is an emotion magnet!

When I'm feeling down, oh yeah there are the days, Jack will come up to me and just give me a hug! He is so intuitive about what people are feeling. And so giving of himself in wanting to help.

Jack is so bright...but very nonchalant about it!

I know I've talked about what a genius we think Caroline is (doesn't every parent think their kids are destined to be rocket scientists?)

But Jack has snuck up below the radar and just blown us away! He's pretty much caught up to the high standards that Caroline had set in piano, math and reading!

This month at school, Jack was nominated for Student of Month by one of his teachers.

This months focus was Fairness.

This was her reason for nominating:

"Jackson is a very caring friend and classmate. He is always making sure to include everyone in games, play fair and take turns. He listens to others during discussions in hopes they will do the same to him."

I am so proud of Jackson!

I feel honored to be his mom!


Kristin said...

Jack rocks!

Papa Bruce said...

Go Jack(son) - he is a wonderful, handsome, beautiful boy! Give him -and everyone big hugs from us. Granpa and Grandma

Anonymous said...

Kristin is right. Jack rocks. We have all known since he was a very little guy, how connected he felt to other people, how important they were to him.

What a terrific kid he is. What a wonderful man he is growing up to be. Thanks for writing about him Jess.

Kari said...

Man he is a cute kid! Those dimples and that smile are just killer. It's so cool that he is a sweet kid too. What a lethal combo!

Oh, and I LOVE the new pic of the girls!!! That is gorgeous!!!!!!!