Friday, May 2, 2008


Why does every kid do it? Cut their own hair that is! Awhile back Caroline gave herself bangs...Emma cut a big chunk out of one of her piggy's and I'm certain Sam's done it, I just can't remember exactly yesterday, it was Jack's turn! While at school he decided to give himself a trim...The reason is not quite clear...his story keeps changing! But he did take one hefty chunk out the back! We had to be a little creative with a new haircut to hide the missing hair yet keep it long! Because he still did not want really short hair... Here's what we came up with! Jack is very happy with it because he thinks he looks just like a friend from school!

It turned out pretty was my first ever "bowl" cut, so maybe not the straightest but still cute!

And these pictures are for Zaide...for reminding me how much I love Emma's hair like this! Isn't she just gorgeous?

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