Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time to say Goodbye!

It was time to say goodbye to our neighbors Jake and Josh. They're moving back to the UK

The kids were all so sad to see them go! They really love Jake and Josh and always loved playing with them. Both of them are such hilarious boys! Sam especially admired their "funny talking" and general silliness! He definitely picked up a lot from them!

When it came time to actually say goodbye...Jack is the only one who would come outside. Caroline and Sam were just too sad, they waived from the window!

Other big happenings this weekend...

Caroline had her first sleepover Friday! (here of course! but I was still nervous!)

Jack got Heely's! (his reward for attending Sunday School every week, without having any meltdowns!) I'm sure there is a broken bone in his near future!

Sketcher (one of the puppies) blew out his knee jumping of the couch...will be having surgery on Tuesday!

Lots of progress is being made at the cottage! The old deck is gone, and the new one will up this week! the plumber is finishing today! (Why didn't we just hire someone 4 years ago?)

Oh, and of course, my superstar big sister finished the Green Bay marathon in such great time, she now qualifies for the Boston Marathon! Way to go Jean!

That's all I've got for now!

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