Saturday, May 3, 2008

These are the Days!

We had such a wonderful day today!

We took a trip up to our cottage...the kids had a blast!

splashing in puddles...walks in the woods...looking for worms...what kid wouldn't love that?

For some reason, I was feeling quite nostalgic...watching my own kids play and have so much fun in the same place doing the same things that I have such wonderful memories of doing as a kid... It was really something.

After the cottage we stopped by to see Nana, Papa, and Nana Ree! We haven't seen them all winter. And the kids have really been missing them...

The boys made out with new Prince Fielder Jerseys for their birthdays from Nana and Papa... and considering that Kristin and Mel gave them Bucks and Badgers ones too, I'd say their pretty much set! Score!

Sam and Papa didn't skip a beat and where right back to the same old games!

Emma had lots of Lovin for the Nanas!

And Caroline even time for a game or two of cards with Aunt Kristin!

After our busy day we headed back home...
while we were driving, I turned around to admire our crew and just had to laugh...because here's how we ride! The girls each have a puppy on their lap...and the boys are deeply engaged in their leapsters!

These are the Days!

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Kari said...

Looks like a great time. Love the pics of the girls and the dogs--to sweet!

Oh, and I LOVE the pics of Emma in the last post. She does look completely gorgeous!