Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...all you mother's!

We are having a very nice day... I was able to sleep in this morning... 7:45! I know what a treat right? Well, at least all of you mothers out there know how big that is!

Then we had the usual Sunday morning craziness of trying to get all four kids fed, dressed and ready to go by 9:00 to drop off Caroline and Jack at Sunday school.

Then Jud and I and the two "littles" were off to Starbucks to enjoy a little bunna and's amazing how easy being out with only two seems! It was really sweet...Sam and Emma were both feeling very cuddly so Jud and I both sat with an incredibly cute kid on our laps!

Then we headed back to temple to watch the "bigs" mother's day concert...

Here are all the stars!

The last few days have been so busy, it's nice to have today to just be home together...

Last thursday was Grandparent's day at Caroline and Jack's school. Nana and Papa made the trip down! Caroline and Jack got to show off a little! It was nice for all of us to have some time with them. Sam especially loves to tease his Papa!

Then on Friday we all went to meet my sisters and cousin and one of my brothers and all of their kids, for a little fun at another water park! The kids had a blast! Caroline got to hang out with her big cousins, Mari, Meghan, Abby and Sara who she absolutely adores! And the boys got to follow around their own idol...Kegan. (another cousin)

Jud and I had a "divide and conquer" sort of mission! one of us stayed with the "littles" in the kiddie pool...and the other took the "bigs" down the slides! Which worked out well for me because Jud is not a big fan of slides! I on the otherhand thought they were a blast!

Once again, we weren't able to socialize with the adults much...but I guess that's what having four little kids is all about!

Heres a peak at the fun that was had!

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