Sunday, November 2, 2008

Party Time!

This weekend we hosted an engagement party for our longtime babysitter, Jessie, and her now fiance, Brad! Jessie has been a really important person in the kids lives, and in mine. She is the first person we ever had babysit! I'll admit, I started out as one of those neurotic moms, who almost never left her children... And really the only reason that I ever left them with Jessie is because I knew her! I used to babysit for her when she was little! I know her wonderful family. I know what a funny and sweet person she is. I know how loving she is. I know how responsible she is. I know that I can trust her.

When Jessie started babysitting for us, she was in college, and we only had two kids! (doesn't that seem like forever ago?) But here we are six years later and Jessie is still our number one! She stuck with us through all of our moves, even lived with us for a little while! The kids absolutely adore her! They cheer so loudly when I tell them that Jessie is coming, that I almost feel bad. She is so creative, the stuff she comes up with sometimes! Even Caroline is amazed!

Jessie and Brad have asked all of the kids to be in the wedding! Caroline for one is super excited, she can't wait to go shopping for dresses. She told me that it was going to be just for her and Jessie, (not me) because, I was not in the wedding! Ouch!

Anyway enough of me kissing Jessie's @#& !!! Here are a few pictures of her other side! She finally let loose after the guests went home!

Sorry Jessie, I just had to do it!!!

Fondue Fun!


Jessica said...

OMG!!! Haha...well you know you were all jealous and wanted to do it too! :)

Missy said...