Thursday, October 30, 2008


So it's been awhile! Not for lack of action, that's for sure!

We were in Green Bay last weekend for a Halloween party with all of the cousins! BIG FUN! Lots of games that the kids just loved! My sister Jean really went all out, she's so creative! And the creative apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, check out the costumes that Mari and Meghan made!

Here's a few pictures of the kids and some of their cousins!!!

What tough bunch of heroes!

A game of pass the apple! Watching the little kids do this with no hands, was seriously the cutest thing ever!

Then of course a crowd favorite, the mummy wrap! This was Jud's face when he found out he was choosen for the roll of Mummy #2

After a crazy week at home, four class parties, 80 treat bags to make for class parties, me cleaning like crazy to get ready for a party we're hosting this weekend, a gazzillion loads of laundry, we finally had trick or treating tonight. The kids actually talked Jud into dressing up this year! I honestly never thought I'd see the day! The Kids had a blast and decided that they do like our neighborhood, because everyone gives "big candy"! On the way home they boys were declaring this the best Halloween ever!

After a last minute costume change for both boys, here they were tonight.

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