Sunday, October 5, 2008


What can I say about Kristin.

My Sister, my friend, my idol.

It's hard to find the words to describe just what an incredible person she is. For starters she is the most honest, devoted, hard working person you could ever meet. She is also obscenely modest! Sometimes I wish she could see herself the way I see her. Her genuine kindness, her supportive words, her ablility to listen without casting judgements, her beauty. These are just a few reasons I have always respected, trusted and loved her.

First of all, I must admit these sad little photos don't do her justice. For my 30th birthday, Kristin made me an awesome video (which like a total dork, I watch all the time!) with pictures of us growing up, and memories over the years, all to awesome well thought out music...Well, maybe by the time she's 40 I'll have this whole video thing figured out so I can do the same for her. But for now, this will have to do!

While I was going through boxes yesterday trying to find pictures of Kristin, I found a box with letters that she had written me over the years. Through every rough patch in my life, Kristin has always been there. Never trying to tell me what to do, or remind me of how I may have messed up, but instead to simply say, "I'm here if you need me". And over the years, I've needed her a lot! She was the one who gave me the "you're a woman now" speach! Explained what that meant, and how things would change! She's the one who has always encouraged me to trust in myself and follow my heart. She's the one who told me "you'll never please everyone, as long as you're happy they'll come around".

Kristin has been involved in every big moment of my life in some way or another. She was even in the delivery room when Jack was born! ( She's a little squeamish in "gross" situations so the fact that she was there was big! )

We have a pretty big family!

Kristin has 22 neices and nephews on our side of the family and another 5 on Mel's side. One thing is for certain, you could ask any one these kids who the greatest aunt is...without hesitation they would all reply KRISTIN!

She gives so much of herself and her time to all of us in this family! Most weekends she is running around town trying to make it to 5 different soccer games and football games, going to birthday parties, picking up kids to go the movies, or having kids at her house to give their parents a break. We all owe her big time!

Not only does she do all kinds of stuff for all of the kids and for us siblings, she really does the brunt of the work for my parents. I mean a ridiculous amount of work! Honestly, some days I think she's nuts! She takes care of all the maintence for their house, their apartment, and their cottage. She shovels their sidewalks, and takes in their mail. She mows the lawn and cuts down trees, she builds rockwalls, and campfires. And really most importantly she is someone my mom can count on, who is there to help her put up Christmas decorations, or understand a bill from the insurance company, or just there to listen.

Kristin is and has always been a remarkable big sister! From the time that we were little, she has always taken me under her wing, protected me, taught me, loved me. I have learned so much about how to be the person that I want to be from watching her. She truly is and has always been my idol!

She is so fun to be around! And the girl can dance!

Kristin is at every family function, wether she had previous plans or not. She is someone we all count on! (maybe a little too much)

Kris, I hope you know we are here for you too! One of these days you can start calling in on some of the favors we all owe you!

I love you Kris!

Happy Birthday!

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Kristin said...

Jess - Thanks for the great comments and the wonderful flashback photos!! Really, I love and cherish every second that I can spend with family, so most of what I do doesn't feel like anything that I'd ever need a return favor for. But, I do appreciate knowing that I have a few coming if I ever need it!! Thanks again!!!