Monday, October 20, 2008

Something never to be attempted again!

Tonight I took the whole gang to temple, all by myself! And we all survived!

Jud is out of town, and it was Sam's consecration tonight! So that meant me, with four kids, in temple. Of course, I like and idiot thought is was just the consecration tonight, but oh no, it was also Simchat Torah! Which meant full services! Yikes!

They actually did pretty well, considering it was past their bedtime.

The boys stuck it out because they heard there were going to be Carameled apples at the end!

I have pictures of them dancing off their sugar high, to the band afterwards but blogger isn't letting me upload them. Sorry baby! they were cute!

They all did pretty well, Sam was very excited to be up on "stage"!

I was not too excited about putting four overtired kids to bed two hours past their bedtime, but we all survived! Looking ahead, tomorrow is PIANO! Yeah!

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