Monday, November 10, 2008

A whole lotta nothin!

We had an awesome weekend! We had no plans, and pretty much did nothing but cuddle and play! As a family, we went to see Madagascar 2 on Friday, it was so much fun! The kids absolutely love going to the movie theater! It was a fun outing for the whole gang! Saturday, we just hung out...Caroline had a friend over to play. And then Jud and I went out for dinner with friends, it was really fun to actually spend a little time together! Time together, as a couple, is kind of hard to come by these days!!! So it was much appreciated!

Today, we had a few little visitors. My friend Dani was feeling very under the weather, so she finally agreed to let me steal her gorgeous little girls for the day! I have to say it felt great to have a baby in the house again! (Probably not what Jud wants to hear! ) Although, I could have done without the poopy diapers! Seriously, I don't know why it never seemed to bother me before? Does my kid's #&%& really not stink? Or have I just fallen out of the poopy-loop since it's been over a year since we've had diapers in our house?!!!

The kids loved having the extra "littles" here too! When Caroline and Jack got home from school, they were fighting over who got hold the baby first! But the baby's big sister, Miss Olivia, has a bit of crush on Jack, so like a true gentleman, he let Caroline have dibs on the baby, and he opted to play with Olivia.

Jack and Olivia

Caroline and the adorable little Lauren

The puppies were a bit jealous! Can you tell?

The ever silly Sam! Why is he wearing a glove you may ask? I have no idea! He had it on all day!

Even Emma wanted a turn with holding the baby! Just for a second and then it was back to playing with Olivia. When Olivia was leaving, Emma said she wished that Olivia could stay her forever and ever!

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