Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big weekend for Jack!

First, he lost his second tooth! Very exciting! Then, for the even bigger news, Jack has now joined the late bedtime club! This was a major development! He's been talking about it for weeks!

For sometime now, at bedtime, after we read stories, while we tuck in Jack, Sam and Emma, Caroline gets to sneek douwnstairs for late bedtime. She usually gets to have a little snack and then we either play a board game or we watch animal planet together. Just a little special time together!

Well, now Jack has joined the club! Caroline was very gracious in welcoming him to the late bedtime club, "because it will be more fun to play board games with 4 people!" That's just good thinking!

I just can't believe how much Jack is growing up lately! He sure is one awesome kid!

Here he was at bedtime tonight!

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