Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Normally we celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our enormous extended family!

...some years we travel to them, some years they travel to us.

But this year, we decided to take a break! And celebrate with just our own little family.

With Jud working so hard lately, our family time has suffered a we were all in need of a little togetherness!

So instead of a turkey dinner, we opted for a few days at a water park in the dells!

it was wonderful!

No computers, no cameras, no phones, and very limited blackberry time (You can only ask so much of a senior VP I guess) I didn't check e-mail or the forum once! That's major!

This was a first for me, I actually put the camera down...I took absolutely no pictures this weekend. Even though there were a ton of awesome photo opportunities! Instead , I went down the howling tornado with the brave Caroline, I surfed the wave pool with Jack, rode the lazy river ride with Sam, and swam in any pool that wasn't too "noisy" with Emma!

It was so nice to just be us.

Just us.

our family.

the kids, and us.

But now, even though we've only been home for a few hours, I already feel we're being sucked back to reality!

I can't stop thinking about the kid's conferences earlier this week...

On Monday, I met with all of the "bigs" teachers.

First was Caroline,

I heard about how she was reading far above her grade level and how she was testing in the 99% for math. I heard about how responsible and honest she is...

Then Jack,

I heard about how much his teacher loves having him in class. What a helper he is. How nice he is to all of his classmates. And of course, how well he tested in reading and math...and what an overall awesome kid he is!

No big shock, they're great kids, I already knew that. But then came Sam.

This picture was from his first day of school!

During his conference, I heard about what a good listener he is, how well he follows directions, how nice he is to his friends...

and then the shock!

his teacher told me that he wasn't able to recognize most of the letters...immediately, my head started spinning.

he doesn't know his letters!!!


We've got him working on addition and subtraction...did we really forget the basic alphabet?

It can't be. There must be some mistake.

When I got home and told Jud what the teacher said, he didn't believe me. So we started pointing out letters to Sam, asking him what they were. Sure enough pretty much the only ones he knew were S A M .

I know I worked on letters. I know I did flash cards with the ABC's, I know we talked about what letter everything started with... turns out, even though I did these these wasn't with Sam!

Holy #%*%!!!

We forgot one!

Some how this one got by us!

How can that be? Jud and I are very involved parents. We talk to the kids everyday about everything that's going on...we know what they're doing and when they're doing it!

But somehow we missed this!!!

Totally embarrassed, I assured his teacher that we would work on his letters and he would know them in no time!!!

Caroline helped out...we made flashcards, and made up games. Tonight we played alphabet go fish, and Sam did, well...let's just say we've got a lot of work to do!

On the bright side,
Emma knows all of her letters already!

yup, worst mom,
right here!

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