Saturday, November 15, 2008


Really, what's a number right?

Well, today was my birthday.

Yup, 31.

And really, I don't feel any different than I did yesterday! So I think I'll just stick with 30!

Last night Jud made a wonderful dinner, we lit Shabbot candles, had challah, and my favorite, Sima's cheesecake for dessert! Awesome!

Today, the girls and I went out for lunch and got Caroline's hair cut! She "wanted a change"! (is she a little me or what?)

She looks adorable! And more importantly, she loves it!

Last minute, we decided to go out for dinner tonight...Papa Bruce, and Grandma were planning on coming to visit, but poor Auntie Mim is sick, so they stayed home to take care of her. (Mim, hope you feel better soon!)

Anyway, we went out for dinner tonight, it was kid's night at our club...Something we haven't done before, but recently, I made a promiss to Caroline that we would all step out of our comfort zone in the hopes of meeting new people, and hopefully, some new seven and a half year old friends!

So the kids had a blast doing crafts, playing games, eating ice cream....and Jud and I were able to have a nice dinner with some friends from Jud's work upstairs.

All night, of course, I was worried about the kids...I mean, we've had sitters, but we've never really left them with strangers. Seriously, every few months when I get into the "gotta workout" thing and I try to bring the kids to the Y .....Yeah, they just don't go for that!

But they really did have fun tonight! It was so cute on the drive home to hear them talk about their favorite parts of the day....Here's their take!

Caroline "Listening to the storyteller and playing with the nice girls."

Jack "When Mr. Taz pulled a dollar from my ear!"

Emma "Eating ice cream!"

Sam "Watching the alien movie with Jack and Daddy" (the boy's watched ET while the girls were out today!

We also heard lots of of hilarious comintary on the evening!...And details of the night. It definately sounded like fun, and the kids voted unanamously that it was definately something that they would like to do again.

Ahhh. It seems like life is getting easy!

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