Thursday, November 6, 2008

Such a proud MAMA!

Who could have ever thought...that from this gorgeous little face there would one day come such wisdom?

I know I talk about Caroline a lot, but I am just constantly amazed at what a wonderful person she is becoming! Her and I have a lot of good talks! We talk about everything, from the bullies at school, to how unfair the world is sometimes, to taxes! Yes that's right,we even talk about taxes! With all of the election stuff going on, she was hearing things from kids at school about how Obama was going to take their money! So we talked about taxes...we talked about how many people in this country have so much but many many more people in this country and around the world have very little. I told her that by paying taxes we pay for things like schools, roads, policemen, firemen, and lots of other people who keep us safe. And we also talked about how it is also our responsibility to help those people who don't have enough, who maybe lost their jobs, and can't afford to pay for food and clothes or even their house...Pretty complicated issue to be talking about with a seven year old, I know. But she got it.

So last night after one of our little heart to hearts, she asked where we donate. I told her we donate to a lot of different places. She said, "but what's the one that you talk about a lot?" I asked, "do you mean AHOPE?" She said yes, and asked about what AHOPE is and what they do. So we talked for a few minutes about what they do and who the children are that they help... and then, without hesitation, my sweet little girl said, "do you think that this year for my birthday, instead of me getting presents, we could donate presents to the kids at AHOPE because they probably don't get birthday presents..."

She really gets it!
I am so proud of my beautiful little girl! She is the change we need to see in the world! We need more selflessness, more empathy, more people wanting to make a difference! We need more people to be as smart as second grader!


Kristin said...

Brought tears to my eyes. It's so amazing to know that we have hope for the future!!

Melissa said...

of course Caroline is sweet and gets it. Her parents are two of the most loving, giving people I've ever known. Ya'll do such a great job with all of your babes. PS. this is a beautiful picture.