Sunday, November 30, 2008

Maybe a little too much fun this weekend!

Most of the weekend we just hung out and played around the house!

Lot's of alphabet games!!! Sam is doing much better...he knows about half of the letters now!

This morning, we brought the kids out for brunch. They were so darn cute! We're still working on the manners while in a restaurant stuff, but they sure looked the part of perfect kids!

Last night we brought all of the kids to the Buck's game! It was hilarious! Jack and Caroline loved all the action and Sam and Emma loved the popcorn, and cookies! Not to mention the Sprite! We don't usually allow soda, so they all filled their bellies while they had the chance!

On Friday Jud brought all of the kids to the himself.... to see a movie!!! (He's so brave!) While I headed to Green Bay for a night out!

It was a little surprise get together for my sister Jean, because she didn't want a party... but she is turning 40!!! We couldn't let that go by without a celebration!

Jean had to teach a spinning class the next morning, so she wasn't quite in the party hardy mood that I was, but hey, no kids and no Jud, that doesn't happen often, I had to take full advantage!

My mom, aunt, cousins, sisters, sisters-in-law, some of Jean's friends and one studly brother;) (Pete only a real man can hang out with a bunch of drunk old ladies!!!)

We had dinner, and for a few of us, maybe a little too much fun!


My sister Karin and I, and a few adventurous friends of Jean's, really made a night of it!!! We actually closed the bar! I can't even remember the last time I did that! And I sure felt the consequences the next morning!!!

But we were just having so much fun! It was awesome so have some fun, girl time with Karin! We haven't done anything together in quite awhile, so we really let loose!

Sadly this was only the beginning of the night!

Why does she look so annoyed with me already???

Believe me, by the end of the night, she was dancing too! Those pictures however, will remain in a file for future blackmail!!!

And here's a picture of two of my favorite people!

Kristin and Mel

They had our puppies at their house for the last week! I think Sophie is already a little depressed to be home. She is back to the life of a dog, sleeping in her crate, rather than the life of a queen, sleeping on Kristin's pillow!

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