Sunday, July 27, 2008

Old Friends!

Growing up, I had two best friends...

Krista and Geri

Our families belonged to the same church and were involved in the same things.

We were all the youngest in our families.

We were always inseparable. All three of us.

Most of my childhood memories were with them...I can't remember back to a day when we weren't friends.

In Middle School, Geri moved. By high school we had all drifted apart.

But a few years later, Krista and I reconnected and were roommates for awhile...

Then I moved to Milwaukee, and we drifted apart once again.

A few weeks ago, Geri, who now lives in Florida, was in town so we all got together! It was a blast seeing them again!

It seems that now that we've all started our own families, it's like we've picked up right where we left off.

I'm not sure why exactly, but it feels so good to reconnect with both of them. They're both fabulous people! And awesome moms!

This week, while I was in Green Bay, I had lunch with Krista. It feels like we've been friends forever! (never mind the few years hiatus!) We just get each other so well! I'm so glad to have her back in my life!

So.... Geri.... Krista and I were thinking for our next get together we should have a girls weekend at your house! What do think :)

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