Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Reunion!

Oh, finally after a week...Sam was reunited with BLANKIE!!!

Jud was away on a boy's golf expedition this week....Luckily for all of us it ended in Door County, so he was able to swing by the cottage to pick up blankie! As you can see Sam was so releived! He seriously didn't let it leave his sight all day! I guess we can only hope he gets over this infatuation by college or the poor kid is going to be ridiculed!

So that's the big news of the week! Caroline had a Girl Scout day camp this week, which she absolutely loved! Lots of nature and crafts (just her thing)! So the week here with the other three was pretty quiet...lots of playing outside!

Here's my little angel showing a little attitude! This is what she does whenever she doesn't get her way...which is progress, at least she's not screaming or trying to hit me anymore! This cute face I can handle!

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Jessica said...

Wow - SO GLAD Sam had blankie back for when I was over tonight!!! Haha...what a total cutie! :)