Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just another lazy Sunday!

Oh, today was just another lazy Sunday...we had ten kids at our house! yes ten! and it was a blast! Even Jud said (a few times) "so this is ten kids? we could totally handle ten kids!" Papa Bruce, be on alert for any future family planning!

It really was sister Jean and her two sisters-in-law did a triatholon today! Their ever supportive husbands went to cheer them on, so Jud and I stayed back with the kids!

I probably should mention that Erinn, Mari, and Meghan, where very helpful with all of the little ones...they pretty much took charge of diapers, feeding, and naps! Which made the day for Jud and I way too easy! Hence, our thinking that ten kids is no big deal!

We did have a really great day....

I guess our table doesn't quite fit ten kids!

Then we had the perfect ending to a perfect day! Just us! Our little family of six!

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