Saturday, July 12, 2008

My little boogie!

This week Caroline decided it was time to shed her curly locks! Well, they're still curly, but much shorter! She really seems to like it and I love it, except for the fact that she looks even older!

I'm a little worried because as I was trying to get pictures of her new do for Bubbie, she said "take my picture " and posed like this!

Oy Vay!

The rest of the week has been great too! The kids and I headed up to the cottage for a few days, we went to Bay Beach one day (kind of a local amusement park)...the kids were excited about the rides but the big winner of the day was the cotton candy, boy they loved the stuff!

We came home on Friday but left Caroline with her best big cousins Mari and Meghan for the night, she had so much fun! (She just adores her big cousins! ) They dropped her off today. (with a big bag of loot!) They're in town because Jean has her triathlon tomorrow! So we'll have a big group of kids here tomorrow during the race while the supportive husbands go to cheer on their empowering wives!


The only bad news this week is we seemed to have left Sam's blankie at the cottage, which he is totally distraught over! It's been a long two nights!

On a brighter note, we finally have a date set for Auntie Miriam to come visit! Emma cant stop talking about it! Every day she asks, "Is Auntie Miriam here today?" She loves Auntie Mim sooo much! They all do! And of course, so do I! We're all really looking forward to the few weeks that she's here!

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Kristin said...

Love the hair-do! And why stop at 10? You always said you were going to have 16.