Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Perfect Stranger

Yesterday morning the kids and I were walking out of a Doctor's appointment...it was about 9:30 and in the 20 minutes that we were in the office the sky had turned dark, it was thundering and lightning and pouring rain. As we stood under the little covered walkway looking across the parking lot to where we had parked, I was thinking about what my plan was going be...to quickly get all four kids to the car. There wasn't much I could do, I looked down at the kids and asked, "are you all ready to get soaked?" As they all looked at me unsure, a woman, a perfect stranger said, "oh honey, why don't you leave them right here with me while you go get your car?" Now, I'm not one to leave my kids with strangers but this one was perfect...the kids stood holding hands under the cover of the walkway while I ran across the lot to get to get the car. I pulled up, got everyone in the car, and thanked the nice woman. "No problem" she answered.

As I drove home, I was thinking about how such a little thing had meant so much. Because of this nice woman, I didn't have to scurry four soaking kids across the parking lot, dodging puddles, I didn't have to pour them into the car and get all of thier seats soaked, I didn't have to listen to complaining about how wet they were for the 10 minute drive home, and when we got home I didn't have to change every one's wet clothes adding to my laundry pile!

Because of this perfect stranger my afternoon was a nice one!

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Kristin said...

You obviously don't watch the same America's Most Wanted shows that I do... No, I am sure the woman was obviously trusting and in your heart you could sense it. But don't let one nice person's actions make you forget it's unfortunately still a pretty crazy world!