Friday, July 4, 2008

Our 4th of July

Since I ended up getting sick too...our 4th of July was pretty low key. We missed the parade and fireworks yesterday, but Jud brought all the kids to see the WALL E movie! They had so much fun...they liked the movie but I think they loved the popcorn more!

Today was a pretty quiet day as well, I got a few errands done this morning and then the girls and I took the puppies out for and adventure walk! Caroline was really hoping to find some more frogs...but instead we found a little snapping turtle. It took a lot of coaxing but eventually I did convince her to leave it at the pond so it could be with its family! Whew!

While we were on our walk, Jud took the boys golfing! Sorry no pictures of that! But according to Jud, Jack's only interest was in driving the cart. Asking every two seconds, "can I drive?" "now can I drive?" "how 'bout you push the button and I just steer?"

Here's a few pics from our girls adventure walk...none of the turtle, because we were too close to the water, I was afraid if I reached for the camera Emma was going to jump in the water!

Then this afternoon we set up the "jumpy-castle" and let the kids go crazy! By 7:30 they were all exhausted and ready for bed! Gotta love the Jumpy- Castle!

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