Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Busy Week!

So here it is another quiet Sunday night and I'm just wondering where the last week has gone! Even though we've chosen not to schedule much for the summer, we still seem to be incredibly busy! That's life with four kids I guess! Well actually five kids for this week...One of the fabulous big girl cousins, Caitlin, is visiting this week. We haven't seen her much lately and Caroline was really missing her, so last week while we were in Green Bay we convinced her to come home with us! It's been awesome having her here, Caroline is in heaven! With the two of them playing big girl stuff, the boys have been able to have time to play their boy stuff! And that leaves me and Em with lots of time to hang out together!

Thursday I met with an organizer from the Obama campaign! It was pretty cool! He ended up asking if I would host a platform party! Doesn't that just sound important?! How could I say no?! It's not like throwing together a party for 40 people in only two weeks is going to be hard!!!!? I guess it'll be good practice for hosting Jud's family reunion the following weekend! Oh boy!

Something new, Jud and I actually got to get out for dinner! Whoo hoo! (thanks Jessie) You wouldn't think that would be big news, but these days, well it is! We went to a Mexican Restaurant that we used to go to all the time when we were first dating but haven't been to in forever. It was really fun.

We also picked Auntie Miriam up at the airport on Saturday, she's here for a few weeks! Total bonus! Since she's sixteen now I can't really count her as one of the kids! I wish she could just stay forever! Emma is completely enamored with her! Which is not normal Emma behavior. Wherever Miriam is, Emma is not far behind! It's pretty cute! And I think Mim likes it too!

Jud went to hit some golf balls this morning and then the rest of us met him for a day at the pool. The kids are turning into little fish, they absolutly love the water! It was an awesome day!

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