Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Summer Fun!

We sure loved having Caitlin visit last week! We were pretty busy so the week went by really quickly!

When it was time for us to return Caitlin to her own family, first we decided to make a stop at Bay Beach for one last fun filled day together! This was probably our third trip to Bay Beach this summer...the kids love the rides and they're still only 25 cents! You just can't beat it! As it turns out, Sam and Caroline are the adventurous ones of the bunch, they love the ferris wheel and the tilt-a-whirl! Jack, not so much! We have learned he doesn't quite have the stomache for spinny rides! And Emma, well she pretty much likes to stick to the carousel, there's a pink bunny of course!

Here they are chasing the seagulls! We had to end this game because Jack came really close to actually catching one!

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