Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And then there's Auntie Mim!

Oh, I can't believe we have to return her in five more days! I think she may mysteriously miss her flight! Actually the kids are trying to talk her into just staying, and living here with us! Not a bad idea I say! We'll work on it!

So this week with Miriam has been crazy! I don't know if I can say fun, because I'm sure most of what we do in this house on a day to day basis is not really any 16 year olds idea of fun! But I think she's having a few laughs! Well, maybe trying to go shopping with 4 kids and then having to leave the store with 2 of them screaming, wasn't the brightest moment but there have been some!

We've been spending lots of time at the it's not all bad!

The big three have swim lessons so that gives Mim, Emma and I some time to hang out poolside! Which of course Mim does while studying for her SATs! Talk about dedication!

And we also went to the State Fair this weekend! Hey Miriam, you can't say we never brought you anywhere! Jud and Miriam (well all of us really) were quite disappointed in the fair! They are sure that MN fair is so much better! But, can you get a banana dipped in chocolate and sprinkles at the MN fair?

Well, if nothing else Bruce, I think we convinced her to wait until she's 40 to have kids!!!

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