Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two posts in one day!

I guess the day wasn't a total flop after all!

I was just putting pictures from today on the computer, and they cracked me up! I thought since I shared what made me cry, I'd share what made me laugh!

I guess the extra time to do Emma's hair and find the heart shirt this morning was worth it after all...she did look pretty darn cute! All day she kept "shakin her pretties"!

Emma and Caroline were trying on their flower girl dresses for Jessie's wedding and trying out their dance moves too!

Part of the bedtime routine around here is Tom and Jerry. But not just watch it, they act it out! It's a group favorite!

All's well that ends well...I guess!

I guess Jack did forgive my tone!


rebekah said...

love that shot of emma - glad your day ended well.

Kristin said...

Loved the stories!

Papa Bruce said...

Hi Jessa - oh boy can I relate to sucky parenting days!! I'm sure Jud can call up a few memories of those...But actually I still think you are one of the greatest Moms in the universe...Papa Bruce