Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I saw this on Charlotte's blog and I was cracking up!

I'd love to bore you with the mundane details of the day, but frankly I'm too tired to think! And this made me laugh, so here you go!

You do a Google search with your first name followed by 'needs'

Jessica needs......

1. coffee (amen!)

2. to stop dressing like a slut! (lol! are turtle necks slutty these days?)

3. a bigger bra! (sadly I highly doubt that!)

4. her Eric time? (no idea?)

5. a haircut (I was just thinking the same thing!)

6. to know she's beautiful (awwwww!)

7. fake titties and then she would be perfect! (I think Jud would agree!)

8. to put some clothes on! (really, I'm beginning to wonder!)

9. motivation (um yep!)

10 Facebook (told you Jud!)


Christina said...

hahaha - Chris and I just spent 10 minutes giggling over this. Too fun! I think I'm going to have to borrow your, er, Charlotte's idea ;)

The Ethiopian Adoption Stories said...

That is hilarious! I imagine that you are channeling Jessica Simpson.