Thursday, February 12, 2009

A shout out to all the other not so perfect moms!

There are others right? It's not just me?

We had a totally craptastic morning at our house!

To add to our normal crazy hustle and bustle of getting all four kids fed dressed and ready for school...this morning we also had two Valentine's Day parties to prepare for... which meant finding Emma's heart shirt in the laundry, putting her heart pretties in her hair, and extra stuff to pack into the car,which apparently was just enough to push me over the edge!

I finally got everyone into the truck, made 5,000 trips back into the house for backpacks, hats, boots, and of course the V-day treats...we were still short one glove! I was seriously ready to lose it, I almost dropped an f-bomb! But I refrained! I took a breath, decided it was OK I'd go back in the house find the missing glove and we would be on our way. A little late, but OK.

Except this time when I went to go back into the house, the door was locked! I felt an immediate panic, because it's not a door we normally lock. I quickly checked my pockets, and then the car, and all of the bags now in the car...Are you fricking kidding me? I didn't have my keys!

Now we are late.

Definitely late!

And stuck in the garage!

Caroline is crying because she is going to miss her Valentine breakfast, Jack is crying because he didn't like my tone...Sam was crying because, well I have no idea why Sam was crying.

Luckily I had my phone in the car, called Jud who was just thrilled to have to drive all the way home to unlock the door!

Good Times!

As we sat in the car waiting for Jud to rescue us, we had a minute of silence...I think the kids were all a little freaked out, this is not a side of mommy they see often...or ever!

After a few deep breathes, I apologized for my tone, and we decided we should just make the best of it! So they all started singing B-I-N-G-O

This definitely did not help the shooting pain I was beginning to feel behind my left eye!

After our night in shinning armor rescued us, we headed off to school!

Since we were late I had to park, and walk them into the office and explain why they were late.

Then it was off to Emma's preschool do drop her off and explain why she was late!

And then back to the "bigs" school to help out for Caroline's party, or what was left of it! Which turned out to be nothing.

Poor Caroline had walked in to the classroom not only late but starving! Since it was a breakfast party, she didn't want to eat because she wanted to save room the pancakes...but they had already cleaned everything up!

Her teacher saw how crushed she looked, and made another batch just for her!

When I got to her classroom she was just starting to eat.

All the perfect moms who were there for the party,

who are there for every party, had already gone.

I told Caroline I was so sorry about how the morning went, and that we missed her party...she said, "oh that's ok, at least I can still have pancakes!"

But it sucked!

Since I have the little two home in the afternoons, and Emma home every morning except Tues. and Thurs. when she is at school, I'm not usually able to help out in her classroom...I was really looking forward to being there today for the party.

I was obviously more upset about it than she was.

Once I got back in the Truck I sat in the parking lot and cried. And cried.

That's my craptastic morning for you!


Julie said...

I'm sorry Jess. Uhm, YOU HAVE FOUR KIDS! Give yourself a break! It's hard. I don't know how you do it! I can't even keep track of my own stuff. I left my house keys in the door lock all night, in Los Angeles! I don't even have kids. You are an amazing mom!! Pancakes you can always get, a mom like you...not so much. You need a night out. Tell your husband I said so.

C- said...

Oh Jess, I am so sorry. What an utterly craptastic morning. I almost feel mean saying this, but I don't think I have laughed this hard in days, and not because I am happy that you had a miserable morning, think it was more the way in which you described it- which is kind of hilarious, and possibly also because it sounds like quite a few of my mornings.

I am happy to know that you now also are in the not so perfect mom club. Down with perfect moms! I say down with them.


rebekah said...

Oh man, I am so sorry. You've got a lot on your mind and that's when these things happen. Remind me to tell you the time I 'borrowed' my parents' car to drive myself to Ohio to visit my boyfriend. (I was 17) And on the way, locked myself out of the car. Twice. This was before cell phones.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible day you had. I have a store of 'how did I ever get through it?' stories. But none as harrowing as your morning.

But you know, I read it, as your friends obviously do, not as a 'not-so-perfect-mom' story, but as a 'migod-how-does-she-do-it' story. As you know, I am in awe of your organizational skills, your gift for creating beauty, and your unrelenting commitment to your family. Today was just another example of all of those.

Oh, and by the way, you write like a pro.

Kari said...

Oh Jess, sorry for your craptastic morning. But, you are an awesome mom!! If all you did was have a harsh tone to your voice after all of that, I would say you were doing FABULOUS!!
I know you wanted to help out for Caroline, but she knows how much she is loved! You can see it on her beautiful faces. You can see it on each and everyone of your kiddos faces! You rock!

Christina said...

I just wanted to second Kari's comment: it is totally obvious just by looking at your four little ones that they are completely secure in your love for them.

I hope today was a better day, and that tomorrow you get a pancake party for being such an awesome mama.