Monday, February 9, 2009

Jack gets to practice with the Buck's!

A few weeks ago at Jack's basketball game/practice, the coach announced that they were having a drawing for a chance to practice with the Buck's. They would be taking a handful of kids from each Y ...Jack was so excited and begged me to sign him up! I had to explain to him that it was a drawing, and there were literally hundreds of kids signing all likely hood, he would not get picked, and would therefore not get to practice with his beloved Buck's players.

He looked at me like I was crazy!

I guess I'm jaded towards any type of drawing. I have honestly never won a thing in my entire life! Not a dollar from a lottery ticket, not a CD from calling into a radio contest, not even a free soda from the bottle caps!

Fortunately, Jack has inherited "Jud Luck" !!! Which means that he is pretty much guarantied to win any drawing he signs up for, for the rest of his life!

So he here is at his practice with the Buck's players on Sunday!

feeling cool on the drive!

He's the one always playing with his headband!


Christina said...

Way to go, Jack! Love the sunglasses :).

The Ethiopian Adoption Stories said...

OMG I would be so impressed if I knew who the Bucks are. I am a sports moron. But the photos are really cute.

And don't think you get to weezel your way out of being in the blog book- You don't get off the hook that easy- I may just have to go in there and find your posts myself. Don't think I won't either, I can be very threatening if I want something really bad.

Okay, so that outta do it.

Charlotte (who is still ashamed that she could not provide an Obama Michelle cocktail hour with us while you were in town)