Monday, February 16, 2009

A Bloscar for me? I think there must be a mistake!

I was nominated for this Fabulous Award by

Charlotte a few weeks ago, and still I'm having trouble coming up with an exceptence speech! I think I'm still in shock! Not only to be nominated, but to be nominated by such an incredible woman. Charlotte is truly an inspiration. Not only is she so fricking hillarious that she can make me pee my pants with a single post, but she is also one of the sweetest most sincere people I have ever met. Charlotte is just one of those people who just gets it. I am so honored to have gotten to know her, to learn from her. And so I accept this award with great humility.

In comparrison to some the blog idols like Charlotte, Rebekah, Julie, oh the list could go on and on... I just don't feel all that fabulous.

Last year, when I decided to start this blog, I thought it was just going to be a way to update family and friends on the new adoption, so that I could avoid the "have you heard anything" question that I love so much!

But along the way, I have met some of the most incredible women. Ok so I've only actually met a few of them in person, but trust me they're all incredible! I have talked with them about things I can't talk to Jud about, or even my sisters.

This whole blogger-sisterhood thing is really amazing.

Four years ago, (gosh has it been that long?) when we were going through the adoption process for the first time, there was no forum, no list to obsess over, and no way to keep in contact with other people in the process.

It was a really difficult time. I had so many questions, thoughts, feelings, but no where to go with them. I knew people who had adopted children, but no one who had adopted children from Ethiopia...

I was so unprepared for so many of the emotions. Like the stages of excitement and joy, compounded with the stages of greif and guilt. If you havn't read it before you have to read this post by Julie she describes the stages better than I ever could. When I read this it validated so many of the feelings that I had...Julie has really helped me to feel that I'm not the only one in Crazy Town!

I have learned so much from all of these women, I feel like a better more complete version of myself since getting to know them.

They challenge me. To think, to feel, to do more.

I don't think there is anyone else in the world who could convince me to do what Rebekah has! (which I'm only on #2 by the way, I'm trying to sell a house here, give me a break!)

So onto the award!

I'm not creative enough to fit these into the post...

Five of my fabulous addictions are:

bloggers (just a few)

facebook (yeah, it's kind of like crack!)

spellcheck (why doesn't fb have it?)

taking pictures of my fabulous kids! (they're just to darn cute I can't help it!)

*EDIT(Maybe I was a little too honest!)
Painting (shocking!)

Five fabulous bloggers I nominate are:




Heather B.

Heather M.


Heather & Adam said...

Wowsa! I feel so special! I love your blog, and am glad to be here to catch up on you guys. Thank you so much. You ARE fabulous!

-C said...

Aw shucks. Totally blushing here. Thank you for those nice words, and here I was all worried what you must have thought of me when I dropped the F-bomb during our fancy dinner. It did help a little when you took a swig, straight out off the Bud light bottle though :)))

Your blog deserves all the accolades. Now I will go check your Bloscar nominee's blogs.


Michele Wolaver said...

Oh boy... now I have to learn how to do links when referring to people in my blog. I am going to need some more blogging education! It has been a lot of fun following your blog. I am even now sharing some of your family events over dinner (i.e. locked in the garage day).

Thanks for the bloscar! I feel like my blog is just simple scrapbook pages versus some of the more meaningful things you share.