Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caroline's long awaited birthday party!

Yes, her birthday was in January, but when I called the Humane Society in December, I was told they were booked into February... I told Caroline that instead, we could do a sleepover party closer to her actual birthday, but she wouldn't have it!

She was so looking forward to this!

I think I mentioned before but, in case I didn't... Caroline had decided to ask her friends to donate to the Humane Society rather than buying a gift for her! And they sure pulled through! She had made a card to give to the HS, and she had all of her guests sign it, inside she put the donations! Over $100 and one of her friends brought lots of supplies for the animals!

Add in what we had to pay to have the party there! I'd say a pretty good donation day!

I think they all had fun! They got a backstage tour of the HS and learned about all of the work they do to help animals...

We got to see a little surgery action, most of the girls (and Jack) were grossed out, but not Caroline! No, her favorite show is Rescue Vets, so she's used to the scene!

She says she is definitely planning to be a vet! Maybe!

The best part by far was when they brought a little puppy in! Oh did they love that!


rleibel said...

Not that I mean to sound like a Bubbeh, but Caroline, I am so very proud of you. How wonderful to share your birthday this way!

-C said...

Amazing Caroline! How many kids that age would postpone their birthday and celebrate it at the Humane Society...

And how cute is that little pup. How many pups did you want to take home? :))))