Thursday, April 30, 2009

Certainly a crazy morning!

Today was Grandparent's day at the kids' school...a day the kids look forward to sharing special projects and giving tours of all their classrooms. And then have donuts and coffee (or juice the wee ones) togehter.

Well, we don't have grandparents close by...the closest are my parents but they've had so much going on lately I didn't even call to ask them to come.

Anyway, for the kids who don't have grandparents come it's pretty sad. They just sit in the classroom while the students with granparents come in and out... I didn't want them to be left out like that! Neither did Caroline!

So, I was the stand in grandparent! The kids were fine with that idea...Jack actually kind of liked it!

But before we could all get off to school, we needed to get the house ready for a showing while we were gone! (and by we I mean me)

So in a mild panic, I raced around the house getting everyone dressed, teeth brushed, beds made, breakfast fed, dishes done....actually now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure they didn't brush their teeth, oops!

Anyway, we packed everyone in the car, along with the 3 loads of dirty laundry I hadn't quite gotten to, and the 3 loads of clean laundry that I was avoiding folding and putting away! First stop, drop off Emma at preschool. Then drop off the big 3 at their school. Then book it home to do a quick final run through the house, pack the dogs and their kennels in the car and then head back to this point I was starting to sweat like a pig. Oh and it was raining, so not a pretty pig!

After the last fiasco where I was supposed to come to Caroline's class... forgot about it? read about it here Caroline was worried I wasn't going to make it, so the pressure was on!

Ahhh, it all worked out!

I made it to all of the kids rooms, got the tour and sat and had donuts and juice with three of my favorite people!

All in all, it was a great morning! I'm completely exhausted, but on the bright side, my house is spotless!

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Sarah :) said...

Wow, it does sound like a crazy morning! was the showing? And have you guys decided where to move yet? I wish WE could buy your house...I love it!!! :)