Sunday, April 12, 2009


Usually on Easter, we would be in Green Bay with my family. My sister Kristin would be putting on a big easter egg hunt for all of the kids...We'd be enjoying a big feast together at one of my sisters' houses...the kids would be running around on sugar highs with all of their cousins.

This year is different.

We had planned on staying home this year. Having a quiet weekend with the kids. With all of Jud's traveling lately and my trip to Florida we were all in need of a quiet weekend...

On Friday my sister Jean called to let me know that my dad was back in the hospital. Things were definitely not sounding good. Two of my brothers hopped on a flight right away Friday night, and then two of my sisters headed down on Saturday.

My dad is stable for now, which is good, but they still have no idea what's going on.
I'm really glad that my siblings are there, for both of my parents. The past few weeks have been really tough on them.

I just wish they were home.

Even though we had planned on being here this weekend, I really miss being with my family. Especially now. I miss our traditional Easter. I miss my parents. I miss the chaos of all of the kids running through the house. I even miss the bickering that inevitably comes when we all get together!

Hopefully my dad will continue to improve so we can get him a flight home!

Then we can resume our normally scheduled dysfunctional family get togethers!

I can't wait!

Today, was a fun day though.

We had some lovely visitors!

Here are the kids, waiting ever so patiently for the famous QUINN!!! They were late, because Quinn's mom is crazy and is training for a marathon!!!

I quickly forgave them for being late... they brought mimosas after all!!!

And of course this cutie!

How could you look at that face and not smile?

ahhh it was a nice morning...

well, until I had to scrape up the play dough!!!


rebekah said...

We had so much fun - sorry about the play dough. I know we rushed out in a hurry. Thanks for having us!

Matthew got some hair compliments at our next gig!

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. Thinking about you guys.
I am glad the two princes came by to cheer you up.

-C said...

So sorry about your dad. I hope he comes home soon.

Love the photos.

Sarah :) said...

Hi, Jessica--

I stop by your blog every now and then and am catching up now. So sorry to hear about your dad...hope that things are better by now. I'll keep reading but wanted to stop and let you know that I'm thinking about you--and him--and will say a prayer for the situation before heading to bed here in a few.

I see you've hung out with Rebekah...we have yet to meet, even though we live very close to each other. It was great coming to your house this winter--maybe we can all have a get-together someday?